About Us

We focus on honesty
in relations with the client

Welcome to the website of "Law Firm of Attorney-at-Law Radosław Śliżewski”

We specialize in conducting all kinds of court cases, with particular emphasis on the following:

  • compensation (against insurers, banks but also medical entities in connection with medical errors),
  • related to real estate (e.g. acquisitive prescription or division of property),
  • family matters (e.g. for divorce or alimony),
  • for payment or all kinds of economic cases.

Annually, we participate in over 250 hearings in courts, which requires about half a thousand meetings

On average, we complete over 100 court proceedings of our clients annually.

We focus on honesty in relations with the client. We don’t just care about running cases, but most of all about winning them.

In this regard, we focus on the organization and modernity of work. Our team consists of specialized lawyers associated with the Law Firm for many years. We have the most modern work tools at our disposal. Thanks to the fully computerized office management system, we can always have files of any case or document at hand, even on the phone screen, even in the farthest corner of the world.

Our many years of professional experience guarantee the highest level of professionalism and knowledge so necessary to assess the chances of each process. Unconventional approach, reliability and hard work are the foundations on which we base the provision of our services. We conduct court and out-of-court disputes throughout the country, but also throughout Europe, such as in the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Great Britain.
We also work with many qualified specialists, incl. in the field of taxes, real estate valuation and medicine. Thanks to this, each client receives the most comprehensive service.

The Law Firm can also offer many very flexible forms of settlement in order to provide access to our services to the widest possible number of clients.